Success & Satisfaction Up-Leveled: A Brain & Body Leadership Experience

This pop-up experience is for the powerful leader who is ready to step into an even bolder, deeper and more confident space within their professional and personal lives. We believe that there is a ripple effect from how we show up, from one part of our life to another. And, it's important that if we as leaders value our relationships as leaders at home and at work, then it's vital we honor those values by intentionally showing up for them in powerful, impactful, meaningful ways.

What you'll gain in this experience are practical yet powerful brain and body-based practices that you can start using ASAP, which will help wore your nervous system and your mind for optimum success and greater satisfaction- as leader, as parent, as partner, or all the above- because YOU are a multi-faceted human being and all of those facets of you are better experienced when we take the time to navigate them with intention, support, accountability and focus.

Inside the pop-up experience, you'll get direct access to myself, Dr. Toni Warner, psychotherapist, mom of 4, success mentor, speaker and best selling author, AND the amazing Liz Garrett, leadership coach and trainer,  author and speaker.

1 Module

Lesson Recordings: Available Thru Sunday, June 4

This is your info and lessons area for this brain & body, success and satisfaction experience! In this space you will find the recordings from livestreams as well as the lesson schedule for the week.

If you're in the limited time private FB community, you will have access to EVEN MORE!!! Like:

  • Q& A, quizes, and polls
  • Resources to deepen your journey and enhance your understandings 
  • Community connections to other participants
  • Pop-in livestreams exclusives from Dr. Toni and Liz (ones that are not on the lesson schedule)
  • And more!

If you have not joined the pop-up, private community, we invite you to do so. It will no longer be available after this Sunday.

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